Are they the same or different?

Why isn’t Hemp Marijuana?

An interesting question, phrased in an interesting way. Why isn’t Hemp the same as Marijuana, it comes down to a variety of reasons.

When I teach on Hemp Extract, many times a question similar to this one will rise up. People sometimes have the misconception that Marijuana, high in THC, is what’s being used to make Hemp Extract.

While there is definitely such a thing as concentrated Marijuana Extract, it’s usually illegal and not at all the same as Hemp Extract.

I want to take a quick look at this question and run through the various solutions to it.

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What is Hemp?

Hemp is an extremely useful plant. Versatile, hardy, and used for a very long time, there isn’t much that Hemp can’t do.

With uses in medicine, to cars and clothes, Hemp is a very distinguished piece of history.

This is the famous plant that Hemp Extract is made from! Hemp Extract has been fondly used for its’ countless therapeutic benefits. Some of the key features of this extract are its’ ability to aid the body in finding and eliminating problematic conditions.

There are many ways of extracting and processing Hemp, but just about all of them result in a useful or handy tool.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a version of Cannabis bred to be higher in a compound called THC.

Hemp and Marijuana

Most people think of Hemp being a derivative of Marijuana, but that’s just not true. Hemp and Marijuana are equals in the family of Cannabis.

For a long time Marijuana has been used to create a psychoactive effect that eliminates many problematic mental and physical conditions just by changing body awareness. Further than that though, controlled and speciific dosing of Marijuana can indeed carry many powerful therapeutic effects.

This powerhouse of a plant can even be forged into different ingestibles, such as oils or baked goods.

While it has certainly garnered a less than positive reputation in the past, lately we’ve looked on it as a potential tool for health.

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Comparing Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana differ quite a bit in the way they go about their primary uses.

While both are used for the effects they can have on the body, Hemp can create a myriad of beneficial effects without the psychoactive high of High THC products.

Marijuana can also provide beneficial effects, but many of these are overshadowed by higher THC content.

Said simply, Hemp doesn’t get you high while Marijuana does.

In Closing

The psychoactive effect is usually the dividing line between Hemp and Marijuana. It seems a bit silly since in all other regards they are very similar plants, part of the same family even!

That said, to answer the question “Why isn’t Hemp Marijuana” accurately, I would have to respond with:

Because Hemp and Marijuana aren’t the same, even though they are both types of cannabis.

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