Hemp Extract may be magical, but it doesn’t magically appear on shelves, as interesting as that would be. No, most Hemp Extracts need to be laboriously produced in very particular locations.

I’m sure that you already have an idea of where Hemp comes from. Something something Hemp Farm, something something.

Though vague, that explanations serves to summarize this article. To go beyond that answer begs a deeper understanding of Hemp as a whole. Why it is the way it is, and what it would take to produce top-quality Hemp.

In this article I want to bring you through the basics of where Hemp comes from, and maybe a little bit about how it comes to be. However, before we get to that, let’s get an understanding of what Hemp Extract is, and isn’t.

What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is the byproduct of Hemp. As the word extract implies, Hemp Extract has been pulled out of Hemp and focused into a usually liquid form. This deeply concentrated version of Hemp can then be used for all sorts of fun stuff.

You should know the main ones, Hemp Oils, Lotions, Capsules, etc.

Hemp Extract, to be considered Hemp Extract, must contain no more than .399% of a substance called THC.

THC, in high enough amounts can cause a Psychoactive effect which is largely uncontrollable in nature and thus potentially dangerous to those who haven’t ever used it.

It’s about as dangerous as a stiff drink to be honest, but someone has to make this whole thing difficult.

Anyway, Hemp Extract, once made from Hemp can be used properly for the sake of people’s pains.

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Where does it come from?

Now that we know what Hemp Extract is, we can address where it comes from.

It comes from Hemp.

That’s it, case closed. Thanks for reading!

Still here? Good, we can discuss it further.

Hemp needs to be grown in a location free of toxins, but also in an area that would support its’ several month long season. A location that is too cold, or too hot could kill the plants, which is why Colorado is often used. Though, even within the Cannabis mother-state of Colorado there are bad places. Locations with scathed land or toxin-rich soils are no good for Hemp.

Rich soils in stable conditions are the only place GOOD Hemp can be grown. It’s also worth mentioning that REGENERATIVE farming techniques should be used on this land in order to strengthen it with every season of growth.

In addition, Hemp is sometimes grown outside of the United States. Countries in Europe or even Australia have been known to try their hand at growing Hemp… the results are not always satisfactory though. I would suggest using caution for anybody who buys products made from imported hemp.

As for the United States, Hemp can be found all over. Yes, at one time it was really only Colorado, but times have changed and we even have a program here in Wisconsin!

Check with the company you’re buying CBD through, they’re almost always willing to say where their Hemp was grown. In the case of our wonderful products, Endo and Enlita, we have grown the hemp for those in Colorado!

In Closing

As you can see, Hemp is planted and grown all over the world. One matured, it is turned into the Hemp Extract you’ve come to know and love.

If you’re looking for the best in Hemp Extract, formulated from the strongest hemp in the world, look no further than Endo Scientific and Enlita Farms. These products have been grown with utmost care, and bottled for your ease of use.

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