Hemp Guidebook: Phosphorus

Have you ever wondered about Phosphorus? For our Hemp Guidebook entry, we will be taking a look at yet another mineral that you can find in Hemp! Phosphorus has some unique abilities that we haven’t seen in the other minerals.

Phosphorus can be found in a great many foods aside from being supplemented. One of these “foods” is the Hemp Plant! Due to the connection to Hemp, i want to take a look at what Phosphorus can do for the human body.

In this article we’ll look at all the qualities of Phosphorus and what happens when you have too much, too little, and just enough.


What is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a vital mineral that is of great help to the human body! It can help to revive dying tissue and cells, which puts it in the high-class of regenerative compounds.

Being able to regenerate cell and tissue function is very important for the human body, since this means it will not have to pull energy from somewhere else, allowing health and wellness to be more abundant in your body.

Phosphorus also plays a role in filtering waste through your kidneys. As I’m sure you know, Kidneys are responsible for filtering much of the waste and runoff from digestion.

Making sure that these filters are clean is of top importance for those wishing to be healthy.

Phosphorus can help to strengthen your bones and muscles, going beyond just regeneration.

It manages the storage of energy in your body too and plays an important role in gene transcription through DNA and RNA production.

Abundant in those who have healthy diets, Phosphorus can be found in dairy products, fish, meat, whole grains, cereals, asparagus, peas, cauliflower, and sesame seeds.

Phosphorus contributes to the proper maintenance of pH levels in your blood which need to be at a certain level or you can experience sudden and instant death. It will also manage your cerebrospinal fluid and other extracellular fluids.

How much is Healthy?

Like with all minerals, the WHO releases its data for healthy mineral levels in the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) report.


Phosphorus on a daily basis is similar for individuals belonging to age and gender backgrounds. It is also the same for pregnant women.

Infants up to the age of 6 months should be consuming 100mg per day, which increases to 275mg for infants between 7-12 months.

For children of 1-3 years, they should maintain an intake of about 460mg daily, which rises to 500mg for kids between ages 4-8.

Adolescents and Teens should bring their intake of Phosphorus to 1250mg but lower it to 700mg once over the age of 19 years old. Pregnant women who are in their early adulthood should consume 1300mg of Phosphorus daily, while pregnant woman over 19 should lower it to 750mg.

Vitamin B2

Phosphorus Deficiency

The deficiency related to this mineral comes with its’ own name. Hypophosphatemia is a disease that gives rise to many debilitating symptoms.

Anorexia, Anemia, Osteomalacia, Ataxia, Arrhythmia, and severe muscle degeneration comes with a deficiency of Phosphorus.

Further deficiencies can cause Hyperparathyroidism, defects in your kidney tubules, and acute diabetic keto-acidosis.

These problems can largely be avoided with proper diet and supplementation of Phosphorus.

That said, if you think you’re ailing from any deficiency, please go and see a medical professional such as a physician. They will be able to make recommendations for your diet and health which can restore your body.


Commonly said: Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Over-consumption of the mineral Phosphorus can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular issues.


Running a high intake can also cause alterations in your hormones, especially those that regulate calcium usage in your body. This can be very harmful to your skeletal system since that is where 2/3 of the calcium in your body resides.

In addition to this, you can suffer from diarrhea, and extreme calcification of organs and soft tissues, which describes the buildup of calcium on the external and internal components of these organs.

In Conclusion

Dealing with low Phosphorus can usually be handled by making changes to your diet and supplements. Doing this could allow you to restore proper function to your body without too much trouble.

On the flip-side, over-consumption of Phosphorus, while dangerous, can be safely averted by lowering the dose you are receiving in a day.

That said, don’t take my word for it. If you are having any issues with your body you should seek the counsel of a medical professional who will be able to help you diagnose and treat your illness.

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