Make Hemp a Lifestyle

Sometimes you have to MAKE Hemp Extract a part of your life for it to work.

I’ve had the opportunity to go all around the country to speak with people about Hemp Extract and no matter where I go, there are people who exclaim that Hemp Extract doesn’t work for them.

While it is absolutely true that by statistical probability there will be people who feel nothing from Hemp no matter what they do, I’m a firm believer that this should only be about 1% of the population.

Resistance to Hemp in this manner follows a simple bell curve which suggests that only 10% off people have resistance, and 1% feel immune.

In this article I’ll share my honed tools for improving Hemp’s effect, and for some, these tools may allow you to feel it for the first time.

Hemp Extract

What makes Hemp work?

Hemp Extract works because of a very special system within your body.

A system that has been present within you for the entirety of your life. It’s called the Endo Cannabinoid system and it conducts most of the quality-of-life aspects in your body. The ECS (Endocannabinoid System) is serious stuff, it has the power to make or break your day and has unmistakable connections to your Digestive, Respiratory, Nevous, and Hormonal systems!

Yeah, if you let this piece of your body fall to pieces, you will too. No joke.

What makes the ECS fall apart?

Well, as it turns out it’s mostly the same things that will make Hemp not work!!! Poor Diet, eating foods that rob your body of energy rather than restore it; lack of exercise, which enervates your body and allows waste to be excreted via sweat; and high stress, which can cause pressure within your body and blockages to vital areas.

These 3 monstrous conditions are the big three contributors to people not feeling the effects of Hemp! That said, removing them isn’t always so simple, and I’ve met plenty that are pretty even-keel and still speak of Hemp Resistance.

Fortunately for you and them, I have some answers!

Anyway, the ECS takes the Cannabinoids in the body and uses them as fuel to communicate with the rest of your body.

Your body can then move towards Homeostasis (Balance) on its’ own as it was supposed to originally.

OK, let’s talk improving Hemp.

Hemp Extract

Strategy #1: Schedule

The first thing I can say, is about the human body as a whole. As I’m sure you’re aware, the body does best on a schedule.

Let me make some broad estimates about the average human.

Estimation 1:
The get up and go to bed at roughly the same time every day.

Estimation 2:
They work and play at the same times most days, even on days where they may not have to work.

Estimation 3:
They get hungry and eat their main meals at the same time daily.

I could continue… but I think you get the picture. Humans are habit-prone, and will develop schedules around the things they do the most. Furthermore, reinforcing habits with things you may not yet do, will allow you to add them to your daily rhythm. Something like physical fitness isn’t necessarily part of our base experience these days, but if you get into a routine, its’ very easy.

Wait, let me make an actual suggestion here.

Take your Hemp Extract at the same times daily. This gives your body a schedule for using it, and every day it will grow more effective at using the Hemp Extract.

Just as lifting weights will inevitably make you stronger, using Hemp Extract consistently and in an orderly fashion SHOULD increase its’ efficacy.

Strategy #2: Foods

Let’s suppose for a second that my first set of advice DIDN’T work. In that case I’d move on to one of the main causes of Hemp Resistance.


Alright, eating poorly will damage your ECS and cause it to perform poorly or in rare cases, not work at all. Processed foods and sugars are especially bad for it. These foods steal energy from your cells and weaken communication between the ECS and parts of your body that need help.

Avoiding these foods can make or break your body!

That said, there are plently of people who are eating correctly and still have small results from Hemp! How could this be?

There could be a million and one reasons for why this resistance occurs. Sometimes its just the biology of the person, their DNA, Blood, and personal biome just aren’t conducive to strong Hemp effects.

… while that is pretty bleak, I wouldn’t give up yet. Eating certain foods and timing your dosage might actually allow you to improve the effects you’re receiving.

Eating a meal before you take your Hemp Extract could improve the effects you feel! In addition to this, choosing foods that are high in good fats have also been noted to improve your response to Hemp.

Oils such as Olive, MCT, or coconut are good for improving Hemp effects. Foods high in fats such as nuts, whole eggs, seeds such as chia seeds, cheese, avocados, and… don’t tell anybody i said this, but, Dark Chocolate.

Since I’m no dietitian I would suggest doing your own research on the right foods to use for you, but I can say that evidence points to fatty foods being of bigger benefit.

Hemp Extract

Strategy #3: Omegas

If you’ve reached this point, then you must really have some serious resistance to Hemp! I’ve got bad new for you my friend, and it’s that your ECS might not be functioning correctly.

If you are deficient in certain essential acids, the receptor sites that bind cannabinoids to your body might be shut off.

There are 2 types of receptors that the ECS uses to take in Cannabinoids and churn out compounds called Endocannabinoids. The first is called CB1 with the second being called CB2. These receptors are dispersed all around your body, but the important thing to remember is that they are the places where Hemp goes once it enters the bloodstream.

These Receptors drive the communication in your body, which will directly impact how fast and how much you feel the effects of Hemp.

If you are deficient in Omega-3s, which are known as ESSENTIAL Fatty Acids, these ultra-important receptor sites will actually shut off. This means that they will no longer carry signals, no matter how much Hemp Extract you take.

Wild, huh?

The solution? Take an Omega 3 supplement, or get your hands on some fish and walnuts. Not only will your system rejuvenate and start to function properly, but you may experience some other awesome effects associated with Omega 3s.

Strategy #4: Stronger Oil

At this point, I’m hoping you’re just reading out of curiosity. I sincerely hope that you aren’t resistant to the power of Hemp to the extent that you need all of these tips.

Olive Oil Extraction

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t even need to write this article, since Hemp Extract would work so well for everyone anyways.

For my final suggestion, I would say use a higher dosage.

While it is possible to squeeze beneficial effects out of a potency that is too low for you, it isn’t economical or fun. It involves a lot of precise measurements and dosage windows, all for a lesser effect.

This is a problem that people who use Isolate or Broad Spectrum products run into after a time. These types of Hemp Extracts fail in the long term, no matter how tasty they are.

Switching to a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract might be the answer.

I’ll tell you a secret.

A 1000mg Isolate option is OBJECTIVELY weaker than a 1000mg Full Spectrum option.

This is due to elevated levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in the Full Spectrum product.

But that’s a different article.

Try using a more powerful product if nothing else works.

In Closing

This article is very reminiscent of another article I did called 5 Hemp Hacks. It may be worth a read if you want more information.

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Be well, you are CALLED TO WELLNESS.

-Luke Schlag,