How an Expert finds the best

The Best Hemp Extract has become exceedingly difficult to find. Every day there are more companies selling their version of what makes Hemp the Best, and every day more and more people are fooled.

There are too many over-priced and under-effective products on the market these days. In all honestly, it was always this way, with the early days just being the pioneers who didn’t know what they were doing.

I consider myself an expert on Hemp Extracts, and have honed my skill over the past few years to be able to discern what’s going on in each and every bottle of Hemp you can find.

Today I’m going to share with you my list of steps for rating Hemp Extracts.

3 Types CBD

Step One: What type is it?

Step one involves identifying the type. Now for those of you who want to just quickly stamp a product with GOOD or BAD, this is the step for you. Depending on the answer you don’t really have to go any further into this list, since this first study will show you everything you need to know.

There are 3 main types of Hemp Extract on the market, with several other “FAD” types that I don’t think will stand the test of time.

Our first is the most reprehensible of Extracts, ISOLATE.

Isolated Hemp takes just one part of the plant, usually the Cannabinoid of CBD, and throws it into a bottle with any number of other chemicals.

I want you to imagine getting a massage for just a second. They set you down on the table, play relaxing music, and really get your mind at ease. The Masseuse works your shoulder for about 5 minutes, and then only works your shoulder for another hour. Like, the exact same spot, with the exact same technique.

At the end, they say” That’s $160.00″ and you convince yourself it was worth it.

That’s what Isolate is like. Except every time you use it, it provides a weaker effect for the same cost.

What’s annoying for me is that other companies will PROUDLY advertise THC FREE and PURE CBD products like they aren’t screwing people over just to make a quick buck. It’s nuts to me!

THC FREE and PURE CBD are keywords for ISOLATE PRODUCT by the way. If you have any doubts check the product testing though, it will usually show CBD Only. If the company in question has no Testing, don’t even give them a second look.

Next up is BROAD SPECTRUM Hemp Extract.

The puzzle piece that is missing here is usually, but not limited to, THC. THC is an extremely powerful therapeutic compound with astounding anti-suffering effects. Where people get caught up is the “Psychoactive Effects” that THC possesses. This is why sometimes Broad Spectrum products are chosen.

Stringent Drug tests can also play a factor in what people will use for Hemp Extract, but honestly I believe you can clear that with HR by just having transparency.

Anyways, Broad Spectrum Products are sometimes strong, but are always lacking.

Finally, Full Spectrum Products contain all naturally occuring cannabinoids and terpenes.

They also contain nutrients and vitamins that are produced naturally in the Hemp Plant. Full Spectrum is seriously good news for you, since its undeniably the strongest of Hemp Extracts.

“But wait, what about the THC? Won’t I get High?”

Great question! No you won’t! Full Spectrum products contain the full array of cannabinoids. As it turns out, by the grace of God, the other cannabinoids in Hemp will SUPPRESS the psychoactive effects of THC by blocking that part of the cannabinoid from the receptors in your body! You can use as much as you want!

To recap here, if the product is Isolate or Broad Spectrum its’ garbage and you can do better. If what you’re looking at appears to be Full Spectrum, continue on to the next steps and we’ll see what’s really happening here.

Best Hemp Extract

Step Two: Potencies

The next place I go when trying to find the Best Hemp Extract is usually potency. Most product pages include this information in an easily accessible place so I often run into it quickly.

Hemp Extract is formulated into multiple potencies with incredibly regularity. There are no standardizations for Hemp so the fact that the industry is doing this automatically is kind of interesting.

A good product line will have some variations in potency with no variations in bottle size.

For Example, Endo Scientific has a 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg, all in the same size 1 oz bottle. Questionable product lines will have a 1000mg 1 oz bottle and a 2000mg 2 oz bottle.

See the problem here? That 2000mg isn’t stronger, it’s just more of the 1000mg. This prevents people from titrating their dose properly and eliminates the possibility of treating higher level illness. I hate seeing this, since you should just have a 2000mg option that has a higher concentration of Hemp Power.

This is true for bottles that are 15ml as well. A 500mg 15ml bottle is no different than the strength of a 1000mg 1 oz bottle, it’s just half the amount.

Always look for a consistent bottle size, with increasing and decreasing potency. This goes for Capsules, Body Creams, and any other product they have. If they just have different sizes, look for something better.

Step Three: Ingredients

If they pass my sniff tests so far, then I will finally take a look at ingredients.

Best Hemp Extract

For the most part, products that have varying bottle sizes and are not Full Spectrum, do not pass any other tests such as ingredients either.

What we’re looking for in this sector for Oil-Based Hemp Extract is extremely specific.

Hemp Extract and MCT Oil, this is the gold standard of ingredients. Yes, just two. If I see products with more than this, they’re hiding something or just trying to manipulate the plant. There doesn’t need, nor should there be anything added to the product. In fact, just using Hemp Extract would be preferable if the body was capable of using it… or ingesting it.

Turns out Crude Hemp Extract is super harsh, imagine drinking fire. That’s kind of what it feels like.

Anyway, MCT helps it go down smoother and it is far more beneficial than other carriers such as Olive Oil or Vegetable Glycerin.

Endo 1000mg COA

Step Four: Testing

In the rare event that a product passes all my tests, now I will finally take a look at testing information. I usually take a look at testing information no matter what to better learn about them… but if I haven’t at this point I will absolutely be doing it.

Testing information, when done by a 3rd party, will always reveal the truth of a product. If you know how to read testing you can discover things that companies are trying to hide in plain sight.

Companies want you to see that their products have no heavy metals, and that the cannabinoid levels are equal to or greater than the amount listed on the outside of the bottle. Especially CBD. Of course you want the product to be free of contaminants, but a quick glance at any set of hazardous materials test should show you that.

You’re looking for the score of ND (None Detected) or something along those lines to be in every single category. Boom, done with metals.

On the Cannabinoid portions, I look to see that they have even distribution of Cannabinoids. A good Hemp Extract will have not only CBD, but CBG, CBN, THC, and maybe some CBC as well. A truly great product will contain those AND CBDA, CBGA, CBCA, THCA, and maybe even some THCV.

An Endo-Level product, yes you read that right, will have an amount for every single cannabinoid.

A truly true spectrum product will have every single listed cannabinoid. Full Spectrum MEANS that the product has all cannabinoids and terpenes, so a product should absolutely have all the testable cannabinoids.

If they’re lacking at any point of this, know that you can do better!

In Conclusion

To review, first check the type of product: Isolate, Broad, or Full Spectrum. Then you want to see if the potencies are different, or if they just have different sized bottles. After that, check the ingredients, the less they have the better it is. Finally, look at the testing, make sure there are no volatile chemicals and that the cannabinoids are plentiful.

If the company you’re looking at passes all these tests, then they are most certainly an Endo-Level product.

Why do I keep saying Endo level? Because Endo was the first product I saw that passed all of these tests. Endo, and by extension, Enlita are superb products grown with only the highest level techniques and extract into world-class oils.

If you just want a trustworthy product, try these out. Use Goendo or Goenlita at checkout for 10% off your first order.

Hopefully this information served you, and will help you discern what products are good as you go into the future. I seriously recommend using Endo, you won’t find better anywhere in the world, but at least now you know why.

Thanks for reading! Be well!

-Luke Schlag,