Hemp Genetics

Did you know, most Hemp Growers have their own special hemp plants that produce the compounds for their CBD Oil? Enlita is the same, but we do ours just a bit different. Enlita Farms is able to grow exceptional hemp due to the care that has gone into the many generations leading up to now. Growing the best hemp has been our goal from the start, so every single generation that we produce is using protocols that bring out the greatest characteristics of the plant.

Our process starts here, with an already exceptional hemp plant made from generations of powerful Hemp.


Cultivation of Hemp

Enlita Farms

With over 20 years of research into Cannabis, Enlita is poised to grow a powerful product every single time. Our mission, after all, is to improve our soils, society, and selves with every single process we do.

Our cultivation program is one that allows hemp a chance to express its true characteristics, and here’s the kicker, we do it with sustainable and organic methods.

Enlita has developed nutrient programs that are organic, non-GMO, and maximize the compounds in our hemp plants. Compounds such as Vitamins, Minerals, and of course, Cannabinoids.

As it turns out Hemp can have natural pestilent-resistant qualities, so we don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.

Enlita Farms Game Changer


Harvesting and Curing

Enlita Farms is a small family owned farm, dedicated to making the best CBD Oil in the world. Emphasis on dedicated, by the way.

We pay strict attention to every single step of every single process. When we are ready to harvest, our plants are placed by hand to cure (dry) to retain all beneficial hemp compounds. Many companies will do their harvesting en-mass. The problem with this is that the plant, however well it has been grown up to that point, can be severely damaged or destroyed when harvesting is done carelessly.

“I’ve seen videos of harvesting where the air is just covered in a gray mist! Those are the trichomes from the plant, which are where all the oil actually comes from!” –John Murino, Enlita Farms

And if you’re thinking of using machines to harvest your hemp, that would be a really bad choice. Suppose you grow the best hemp in the world. Unfortunately, the machines of today are not built to harvest it yet. In fact, only this year (2019) have those types of machines been built.

We store the hemp as soon as it has dried. Again, to grow the best hemp, we need it to be in perfect condition throughout the entire process!



how to grow the best hemp

Enlita Farms’ proprietary extraction processes are done in small batches, this ensures the quality of each and every batch. Our extractions utilize the whole plant, stem, leaf, and flower to bring all the benefits of a whole plant hemp extract.

While we can’t get into the specifics of our “secret sauce”, I can say that we do not use traditional methods of extraction. Most normal processes can damage the integrity of the plant and make for a weaker final product. We’ve found ways to do it better, and as a consequence, grow the best hemp in the world… or rather, extract the best hemp compounds in the world!

How to grow the best hemp


Testing and Compliance

Fun Fact : If a year’s grow is above the legal THC threshold, the whole crop has to be burned.

Enlita tests constantly throughout every single process, starting from our cultivation, all the way through to extraction to maintain the strict standard of .3% THC or less.

Our testing doesn’t stop there, we make sure that no Heavy Metals, E Coli, or other contaminants such as pesticides or residuals solvents are present. It would be no good to just say we don’t use these compounds, instead we opt to prove it as well.



Enlita Farms CBD Oil

Finally, at the end of our Plant’s journey, we prepare the final product. This includes bottling which is done in commercial kitchen following GMP principles. This final step of formulation locks in the efficacy of the whole plant hemp extract. As a result, our oils have a maximum compound bio-availability and make available all of our astounding entourage effects. What we end up with, is the best hemp extract in the world!

Enlita seals and labels the bottles next, they continue to keep them in cool and dark places in order to maintain the efficacy of the product. You see, if exposed to heat and light, CBD Oil will cook into a weaker form of itself. This is also why we have yet to make CBD products such as coffee or tea.

Using this six step process, Enlita Farms is able to create the hemp that becomes their 5 star product.

I hope this information was useful to you. Leave a comment if it aids in your understanding of what makes a CBD Oil great!

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As always, I’m Luke Schlag of Calledwellness.com, wishing you absolute health!

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-Luke Schlag, Calledwellness.com